Help create a sustainable impact for Indigenous Australians  

Closing the gap for Indigenous Australians

As a nation we have failed to deliver on the Closing the Gap strategies - including failure to deliver housing, infrastructure and programs. 

Governments are only able to fund the crisis end of social development. Our foundation intents to partne to provide the much-needed investment, social programs that provide ways to transition from welfare dependency to economic empowerment, and to empower Indigenous communities to make their own decisions about their socioeconomic futures and wellbeing. It is only through these means that Australia will be able to remedy the dire failings in eliminating Indigenous disadvantage.

The Big River Impact Foundation aims to relieve the disadvantage and poverty of Indigenous Australians.

Our programs aim to support and assist Indigenous Communities to build their capacity to participate in local business and enterprise development, and to improve the prosperity of their communities. Your support will deliver programs to more Indigenous Communities.

The Big River Impact Foundation operates on corporate sponsors, trusts, philanthropic support, and the generosity of the community.

Your generous donation will assist more Indigenous Communities to have access to our programs throughout Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

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Working closely with our Indigenous partners, we will design Governance Training Programs for Indigenous Australians. Our focus will be on addressing the gaps in Indigenous governance, diversity, conflict resolution, financial literacy and community healing.



We are committed to empowering Community leaders to assist them by establishing decision making education and support for Indigenous Traditional owner groups, NGOs and businesses and promise to generate accessible educational materials including audio visual formats.


The Big River Impact Foundation aims to foster economic sustainability and financial independence for Indigenous Australians and transition them out of welfare dependency towards economic participation.

Through Social Impact Investment, we will be able to support home ownership, culturally appropriate governance training, increased employment opportunities, innovative economic development and the monitoring of social impact investments.