It starts with the home

Lillian Moseley and Kiana Moseley-Enoch, mother and daughter, talking about the real challenges and opportunities of homes and belonging.

Belong and hope are central to all our work. We all, as humans, yearn for and must have this to experience a full life.

There is a social and economic benefit of people on low and moderate incomes having a home where belonging and hope is felt, through innovative home ownership schemes.

We have a golden opportunity to create homes with belonging and at the same time progressively boost jobs, wages and the local economies all over Australia by government and the private sector playing to their strengths. Big River Impact Foundation aims to play a significant role through our six programs.

1. We Belong: Home Construction
2. My Place: Home Ownership
3. Our Business: Enterprise Development
4. Strong Foundations: Livelihood Preparation
5. Count Me In: Inclusive Finance
6. First Advice: Advisory Services

Your generous donation will assist more Indigenous Communities to have access to our programs. Join us on our journey to realise appropriate homes with belonging for people at the heart of Australia. 

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We work alongside communities to recognise the strength within. Identifying and applying them to realise homes with belonging for everyone.

This is the foundation of effective communities where people have hopeconfidence and act positively in their best interest. Guide and support architects, builders and developers to remain true to resident aspirations and desired impacts. This is our strength.

Affordable safe homes with adequate space, respectful of culture and financed on reasonable terms is definitely within our reach.



We believe that people on low and moderate incomes should pay their own mortgage, rather than someone else’s.

My Place will find innovative ways to ensure that scarce economic resources of a family are directed to dignified living today and a hopeful future – one where small payments are directed to progressive home ownership, to increase wellbeing, hope and inclusion now.

A deposit was once a proxy to assess ‘capacity’ to pay. Banking has moved on and we will move on to find ways to assess capacity and build in flexible fair customer terms that reflect the real world of less routine income and variability to reflect modern circumstances, intent and opportunity.



Waking the talk at Big River is essential. Our own philosophies, beliefs and learning practises are applied to our programs internally through our own advisors.

It is a rare experience to consult with a group led by Aboriginal women with over 250 years of life experience and wisdom.

We commit to honour our client’s engagement in every way, sometimes challenging prevailing views or opinions in a safe and respectful way.

Without that we will always do the same thing. When you need advice on relationships and working with First Australians, you need First Advice.